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Pit Bull • Female • Adult • Medium

Pit Bull, Chicago dog photography

Bubble's eyes say it all... she is sad. She's watched her pals in neighboring cages take their freedom walk and is wondering why no one wants her.

She is smart- knows sit, stay, is very treat motivated, and LOVES playing with a ball. She's been at the shelter for 100+ days and she only has until this Thursday (01/29/2015) for someone to step up and foster her. She is a little ball of love, full of energy, and has a smile that will melt your heart. Volunteers at the CACC say one of their favorite things about her is how she sits with her butt cocked to the side like a pretty, little lady. Bubbles is about 4 years old, and may do ok with other dogs, but it's hard to tell because she is not doing well at the shelter. She's stressed out and isn't able to be herself and bloom while she is there. We are begging for someone to take her in and foster. If you can't foster her, you can still help her by sharing this post until we find someone.

Remember, we only have until this Thursday (01/29/2015).

If you are interested in fostering Bubbles, please apply to any of the following rescues: Furever Rescue, Don't Bully My Breed, or It's A Pittie Rescue.

**I am not affiliated, nor do I represent Chicago Animal Care & Control, CACC. I just volunteer my photography services.