German Shepherd Dog Model for Ad Campaign

German Shepherd Dog wall portrait by AMSTAPHY pet photography in Chicago

German Shepherd Dog Model with AMSTAPHY Pet Photography 

Mambo, the German Shepherd, recently had a modeling gig with us, AMSTAPHY pet photography. He did so good during his portrait session that his mommy ended up buying portraits of him to display at her business, K9 University, in Chicago.

During our session with Mambo, we took several photos of him playing with dog toys (from the ad campaign). Then we took individual portraits of him standing, sitting, jumping, and eating. His personality really came out in the portraits. The portraits turned out so good that we had a hard time picking the best photos to showcase to his mom.

Just to take a quick minute to explain the workflow here at the studio. After completing our portrait session with your pets, we schedule a day within a week, where you will return to the studio so we may showcase the awesome photos we captured of your pet. But before we show you the portraits, we touch up the images to make them look the best they can be.

Then during the ordering session with the owner, we present the portraits in a personal slideshow for the owners to enjoy. After the slideshow, we explain and present all the products we offer here at AMSTAPHY. To better help owners decide on which portraits they will be purchasing, we project their walls from home with the actual portraits, so they may imagine what their walls will look like once we install their portraits at their home. 

In this ordering session with us, we went over all the portraits and discussed the best places where she could display her baby. After guiding her and explaining all the options he had, she decided on having us install the portraits at her business, since she spends so much time there. We also agreed, since she (and her clients) will be able to enjoy Mambo everyday - FOREVER!

How do you think Mambo's portraits turned out? Any favorites?

German Shepherd model at AMSTAPHY pet photography
German Shepherd smiling with AMSTAPHY pet photography
German Shepherd catching treat with AMSTAPHY pet photography
Silly German Shepherd Dog with AMSTAPHY dog photography
German Shepherd tongue with AMSTAPHY pet photography
German Shepherd cute tongue with AMSTAPHY dog photography
German Shepherd side-eye with AMSTAPHY pet photography

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