Shar-Pei and Pocket Pittie Models for Ad Campaign

Shar-Pei and Pocket Pittie wall portraits by AMSTAPHY dog photography

Meet Jacob and Bella (a Shar-Pei and Pocket Pittie)

This past winter pet parent, Susan, of Jacob and Bella (not from the movie Twilight) answered a dog model call for an ad campaign we were running for a dog toy company, Fluff & Tuff. After hundreds of entries, they were one of the few that were selected to take part in the campaign.

When we called to inform Susan that her fur babies where selected to be part of the campaign, you can imagine the excitement in her voice. During the call we went over all the details of the campaign. We also got to hear a little about these up and coming models.

Jacob, was the first fur baby in the family. He is now 8 years old, a blind Shar-Pei with one white eye and one cloudy black eye - gorgeous pup! He has a very expressive wrinkly face and a curly tail, typical of Shar-Peis.

Bella is a 9 month old pocket pittie with a black and brindle coat (with matching white socks). She has lots of energy, which she puts to use on her older brother, Jacob. There’s not one human (or toy) that she doesn’t love. Bella has been part of the family since she was saved by her mom. Here’s a photo of her when she had parvo and mange.

On the day of our portrait session, we first photographed Bella playing with the toys from the ad campaign, she definitely loves her toys. Soon after we photographed Jacob, which was a bit tricky, since he’s blind, but we managed to capture his personality in many portraits. After we individually photographed each dog, we then took several portraits of them together. That was lots of fun (for me at least).

After our session we scheduled a day for Susan to come back to the studio so we could project the awesome dog portraits we captured during their portrait session. We started with a slideshow of all the portraits. Afterwards we rearranged the portraits in order of favorites and with our help, we were able to select a portrait collection for her living room.

Two weeks after the ordering session, we delivered and installed the finished wall portraits on Susan’s wall.

Don’t you just love the portraits we picked out?

Portrait of Shar-Pei by AMSTAPHY dog photography
Portrait of Shar-Pei and Pocket Pittie by Chicago pet photographer
Portrait of Pocket Pittie by Chicago dog photographer

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