We bought a package with Amstaphy last year and we're reluctant to take our dog in for the shoot because he has anxiety and aggression problems. Man, we should not have waited. Martin knew actually how to work with our dog and is photos turned out to be amazing. And that's coming from a person who works in aesthetic and has photography as a hobby.
We shot for close to 2 hours and got about 350 awesome shot. Over 80 of them were so good that they could be printed and framed. Our package included 10 full touched photos, and we cannot narrow it down to any lower than 17. We'll have to figure that out, but that definitely a good problem to have.
If you considering pet photos, I couldn't give a higher recommendation. If you pet has anxiety or aggression issues, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Believe me when I say, we've tried everything else.

Vinay R.
Chicago, IL

Martin took amazing pictures of our puppy Ziggy. It took a ton of patience since Ziggy doesn't exactly hold still. Martin never got flustered and just kept treating until it all paid off. We have several pictures framed now and couldn't be happier.

Tiffany M.
Chicago, IL

The photos turned out fantastic. I never thought you would get Koko and Sandy to still long enough to get one good picture . . . much less 3! Next time I want them to behave I’ll use your foolproof method of whipped cream + string cheese. BRILLIANT!

Kim L.
Berwyn, IL

I couldn't recommend Martin's photography more! He perfectly captured my dog's personality, and I can't wait to hire him again to take more photos of the rest of my animal crew. :) I was initially nervous about doing a photoshoot with my dog because she's super high energy, wary of men, and dog reactive (quite the trifecta!), but Martin immediately set her at ease. He demonstrated skill not only with the camera, but also in understanding my dog's comfort level and working within it. In the end, everyone had a great time and we have beautiful photos that we'll always cherish.
He also made sure the photoshoot took place in a secure location away from any dogs, and used lots of treats and toys to keep her happy.

Katharine M.
Chicago, IL

We were looking for someone to shoot our baby announcement with our pup in a way that celebrated a very important milestone for us but in our style.  We were so excited to find a pet photographer that did such great volunteer work at the shelter, as we are big fans of animal rescue work and all of our dogs have come from the shelter.
Martin was incredible. He understood our vision in just a couple emails.  He also got our dog to do things we didn't think were possible - sitting focused for long periods of time as well as great action shots.  His patience and timing were incredible. Everyone loved the announcement and we cherish the photos he gave us of an important stage in our family's history.

Irene V.
San Francisco, CA

Martin's gift as a photographer is having a clear vision of the shots he wants to get.  No standing around debating "how about this?  how about that?"  He cuts through all of that and provides clear, calm, and detailed direction about the poses he thinks will work best.  That's not to say that he's not open to your ideas.  But, 9 times our of 10, his ideas are way better.  Trust him and his eye and you'll get beautiful photographs.

Keri B.
Oak Park, IL

We knew we wanted to photograph Rosko, our smallest member of our family, but we were not exactly sure what we wanted (if that makes any sense). However, Martin helped us figure out exactly what we wanted. He showed us examples and gave us ideas of what the final photograph will look like.
We love the final photograph so much that we bought two, one for our family business and another one for our home.

Vicente T.
Chicago, IL

I was not sure at first if anyone could get any good photos of my Lulu because she would always shy away from my camera every time I would point it at her. So I must admit I was skeptical at first. But I decided to take a chance on my baby’s birthday.
I was shocked at how well Martin worked with my baby, she didn’t even care that he was photographing her. She was totally relaxed and we managed to get so many great photos to pick from.

Meray E.
Elmhurst, IL

Martin did a wonderful job photographing my Mattie. He captured her personality in pictures that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I had an incredibly difficult time choosing my prints from so many great shots!
I highly recommend Martin and am very happy with the pictures I chose. He is a great photographer and does wonderful work with local shelters donating his time and talent to help animals get adopted. 

Carol Starr
Berwyn, IL

We wanted to feature our two chihuahuas on our pregnancy announcement, but were nervous that our less-than-trained pups would cooperate with a photo shoot. Martin was extremely patient with our dogs and was able to capture some amazing shots! He edited our photos to perfection. Our family and friends were thrilled not only with our exciting news, but with the fun and creative way our dogs helped us announce it.

Ashlee V.
Chicago, IL

Martin's generous work at the dog shelter won me over when I was considering the session as a birthday gift. Martin was so patient with my dog Ripley and he knows how to get great shots. 

Our dog Ripley is getting older and the photos were a really nice surprise for my partner with some photos of his canine buddy for his birthday.

Mary K.
Chicago, IL

I decided to do a photo session with my dogs, Fudge and Blu, after it dawned on me one day that they were a little slower and their muzzles had turned grey. Long before there were children, we had these two knuckleheads. I sought Martin out because I like the candid style of his photography and I felt he would be able to capture their silly/quirky personalities in a photo.
My big worry leading up to the session is that Blu is highly reactive around most dogs. Martin and his team did a great job orchestrating the session so even though it was hosted at a dog rescue, we never encountered other dogs. Martin was at ease with both of my boys even though they didn't make it easy for him to get those shots.
In the end Martin was able to capture their spirit in three photos that my family and I will treasure.

Christine F.
Chicago, IL

Martin was able to capture our boy in the spirit in which he lived. His demeanor with Samo was kind, professional, and fun. We are forever grateful to have had that experience before Samo's passing.

Nicole D.
Chicago, IL