Pet Portrait Session Testimonials

Client testimonials on their pet portrait session by Amstaphy pet photography.

What clients are saying

Pit Bull Rescue Portrait, AMSTAPHY, Professional Pet Portraits
Catahoula Rescue Dog by AMSTAPHY, Professional Pet Portraits

Biggie & Bella

Marty is patient, talented, and went above and beyond our allotted time to ensure we had awesome pictures of both Biggie and Bella. We thoroughly enjoyed the session with our pups, and loved going through all the options on a big projector together! Can't wait to see how these look in our home.

Rachel S.
Chicago, IL

Dog licking portrait, AMSTAPHY


We were a bit nervous about bringing Otis for pictures, but Marty was such a professional with him. He quickly got him under control (with the help of a few treats and whipped cream). Otis was a supermodel in no time. We were so pleased with how Marty interacted with our pup, and the pictures turned out amazing. We love having some great portraits of our little pooch and have already referred many friends. Marty is worth it, we highly recommend AMSTAPHY!

Mackenzie K.
Chicago, IL

Two Black Cats, AMSTAPHY Cat Photography

Felix & Fawkes

My two cats aren't the best with new people or new places, so I had no idea what to expect going into the session. Marty took the time to earn their trust, make them comfortable, and capture their personalities. He made the entire process stress-free, and fun. I'm so grateful to have portraits that truly capture my cats' beauty and personalities.

Rachel M.
Chicago, IL

Pet wall art of rescue dogs from Chicago, AMSTAPHY

Truman & Edith

I was nervous about bringing my two minimally trained dogs to a professional photo-shoot, but there was nothing to worry about with Marty. He handled them both so well and got some of the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen. The whole process of taking the photos, choosing prints, and having Marty install them could not have gone any better!

Holly A.
Chicago, IL

French Bulldog portrait from Chicago, AMSTAPHY


He is truly talented, patient and knows how to capture a cool shot.

Andrea C.
Chicago, IL 

Marty did an amazing job in capturing her true personality in the photos as well as keep her calm and engaged throughout the entire process.

Joe V.
Chicago, IL

We had some good laughs, and am happy with how many of the photos came out.

Maxine C.
Chicago, IL

We loved all of our images as Marty was magically able to bring each one of our fur babies personality to light!

Cynthia G.
Chicago, IL

He had a wonderful and natural way of working with her and he actually was able to keep her attention long enough to capture some great shots of her!

Kimberly A.
Chicago, IL

Thankfully Marty is patient and knew how to work with Murphy to gain his attention for some amazing photos that captured my dog's true personality!

Caitlin J.
Chicago, IL

Admittedly, pet photography is a bit of a luxury indulgence. However, Marty makes sure your money is well spent and you'll not have buyer's remorse.

Ginger T.
Chicago, IL

He captured Bella’s personality and made the selection process pleasant and smooth. It wasn’t easy because every image was adorable!

Patricia I.
Buffalo Grove, IL

... were reluctant to take our dog in for the shoot because he has anxiety and aggression problems. Man, we should not have waited. Marty knew how to work with our dog and his photos turned out to be amazing. And that's coming from a person who works in aesthetic and has photography as a hobby.

Vinay R.
Chicago, IL

It took a ton of patience since Ziggy doesn't exactly hold still. Marty never got flustered and just kept treating until it all paid off. We have several pictures framed now and couldn't be happier.

Tiffany M.
Chicago, IL

I never thought you would get Koko and Sandy to still long enough to get one good picture . . . much less 3!

Kim L.
Berwyn, IL

I was initially nervous about doing a photoshoot with my dog because she's super high energy, wary of men, and dog reactive (quite the trifecta!), but Marty immediately set her at ease.

Katharine M.
Chicago, IL

He also got our dog to do things we didn't think were possible - sitting focused for long periods of time as well as great action shots.  His patience and timing were incredible.

Irene V.
San Francisco, CA

Marty's gift as a photographer is having a clear vision of the shots he wants to get.  No standing around debating "how about this?  how about that?"  He cuts through all of that and provides clear, calm, and detailed direction about the poses he thinks will work best.

Keri B.
Oak Park, IL

We knew we wanted to photograph Rosko, our smallest member of our family, but we were not exactly sure what we wanted (if that makes any sense). However, Marty helped us figure out exactly what we wanted. He showed us examples and gave us ideas of what the final photograph will look like.

Vicente T.
Chicago, IL

I was not sure at first if anyone could get any good photos of my Lulu because she would always shy away from my camera every time I would point it at her. So I must admit I was skeptical at first. But I decided to take a chance on my baby’s birthday.

Meray E.
Elmhurst, IL

He captured her personality in pictures that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I had an incredibly difficult time choosing my prints from so many great shots!

Carol Starr
Berwyn, IL

Marty was extremely patient with our dogs and was able to capture some amazing shots! He edited our photos to perfection.

Ashlee V.
Chicago, IL

Marty’s generous work at the dog shelter won me over when I was considering the session as a birthday gift. Marty was so patient with my dog Ripley and he knows how to get great shots. Our dog Ripley is getting older and the photos were a really nice surprise for my partner with some photos of his canine buddy for his birthday.

Mary K.
Chicago, IL

I decided to do a photo session with my dogs, Fudge and Blu, after it dawned on me one day that they were a little slower and their muzzles had turned grey. Long before there were children, we had these two knuckleheads.

Christine F.
Chicago, IL

Marty was able to capture our boy in the spirit in which he lived. His demeanor with Samo was kind, professional, and fun. We are forever grateful to have had that experience before Samo's passing.

Nicole D.
Chicago, IL