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Chicago Dog Photography

Charlie’s Dog Photography Session

Charlie’s mom has been busy checking off items on his “Bucket List” and it just so happens the next item on the list was a personal portrait session with Amstaphy, a Chicago dog photography company. Mr. Dougie, Charlie’s little brother also tagged along so their mom could finally get them both in a single portrait. Not only would they have fun during their portrait session, but now their mom could cherish their little personalities.

On the day of their portrait session, their mom thought it would be fun to bring along a bag filled with Charlie’s favorite toys, tennis balls. He just loves when mom throws him a few, you could say “he has a ball”… Anyway, Charlie was a good boy during his time in front of the camera. Mr. Dougie also did great, especially during the time we gave him a puppuccino. After an hour of photographing, we were done capturing portraits of both Charlie and Mr. Dougie by themselves and together. Before they left we set up a time for their mom to come back to the studio to view their edited portraits and select portraits that they would want hanging on their walls.

By the way, Charlie gets to be spoiled like every dog should. He has personal swimming classes every week at Doggy Paddle Aquatic Center For Dogs. That’s one of his top places to visit to have fun. Labradors and water just go hand-in-hand, don’t they?

When a week had passed and it was time for their ordering session, we projected on our big projector screen all the professional portraits we had taken during their portrait session in their very own personalized slideshow. After viewing (and with our help narrowing down a selection of favorite portraits) their mom had the opportunity to pick and choose what she wanted on her walls, including at her business Bow Wow Lounge. She decided on our popular “Photo Booth” composite print, which now hangs over their fireplace at their home. She also picked an extra portrait of Charlie resting on the floor, just like he does every day, and an extra portrait of Mr. Dougie enjoying his puppaccino.

Don’t you love how their portraits turned out?

Chicago Dog Photographer
Chicago Dog Photography